The wood is considered as a healthy material, ideal for luxury wooden alpine chalet for sale in France, because it is a living material, with the ability to regulate the environment in a natural way, helping to breathe and ventilate houses or rooms where they are, by stabilizing the moisture, balancing the temperature and the purification of the air.


The luxury of noble woods

For the senses, it is a pleasure because it is warm to the touch and its sound qualities are beautiful, because it absorbs the sound, which gives us, with its contemplation, a sensation similar to the heat and the safety of the nature, with a healthy and pleasant smell that binds our most primitive ancestors. Its similarity to good wine comes from the fact that, being a resistant material, it improves with time. Wooden furniture has the same intrinsic characteristics as this material.

They receive the name of noble woods, those that bring together certain special characteristics, such as its hardness and its ability to withstand the action of external agents, such as moisture. They are usually obtained from large homogeneous trees such as oak and walnut. These are hardwoods of great value that are difficult to obtain, not only because of the shortage of trees, but also because they require several decades for the wood to reach the ideal thickness to be used.


A style for each house

We use this type of wood for the manufacture of custom cottages that adapt perfectly to the needs and tastes of the customer. The only way to take advantage of the space and achieve satisfactory results is the manufacture of custom cottages, because cottage kit can never adapt to us.

The house, beyond the continent and all that it contains, is made up of the people who inhabit it, it is its true essence. This is why everything else has to be around them and correspond to the taste and needs of its inhabitants, which is a faithful reflection of the personality and character of its inhabitants.

A contemporary style, which is part of the current design trends and is characterized by its elegant and simple lines, will appeal to those seeking a relaxed and timeless environment that is not fashionable.

Professionals who love their work, who carry the decoration in their blood and who have enough sensitivity to grasp what the customer wants and offer it in the most personalized and meticulous project.



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